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Your information will remain securely with Reveal Research Studio as we work on matching you up with client studies. Once you are matched to a study and complete it, you will receive cash incentives for your participation.

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Reveal Research Studio allows for ONE account per person. Any members of the Reveal Research Studio database who have more than one account will be automatically de-activated from Reveal Research Studio. Our priority is ensuring the best possible research experience for our clients and anyone who is in violation of this policy will not be used in any projects, or be allowed to participate in any surveys.

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For those selected for research studies, read our guidelines for being a great participant.

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Please view the FAQ’s for more info about our services.

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Participant Guidelines

1. Be on time.

For focus groups, arrive a few minutes early to sign in, fill out any paperwork, etc. Reliable participants are more often asked to participate in future projects. For in-home interviews, try to have animals in a different room and have kids occupied by the time the interview team arrives.

Call us or your interviewer with as much advance notice as possible if you are going to be late.

2. Be yourself.

You were selected because you matched the criteria our clients wanted. Sometimes they want to talk to a group of people that might have the similar perspective and behaviors. Other times they want to hear a wide range of opinions. So, the best approach is giving thought to your answers based on what you think vs. what others in the group may think.

For in-home interviews, don’t worry about making your house look perfect. The interviewers like to step into your home as it normally is day-to-day.

3. Give more than Yes or No answers.

Be able to explain your point of view and give details. It’s great that you can clearly state “Yes, I like that idea” or “No, I don’t like that product”, but what helps even more is when you can answer why do or do not like something. In a group setting, strike the right balance of talking and listening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your consumer list to other companies?

We will never sell your information to other companies. You are too important to our business!

What type of information might you request from me?

Periodically we request information, typically e-mail address or your mailing address if needed to mail sample products or a participation incentive to you for a particular project. Participation is completely voluntary and users may choose whether or not to disclose this information. Your e-mail or mailing address may be shared with the project sponsor to award/provide incentives for participation. Users’ personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties unless we give users notice and choice.

What happens with the information I provide in the survey?

Information we collect from your survey responses is used exclusively for client studies and will only be shared with a client when you have been matched and have agreed to participate in an upcoming study. For additional details please see our privacy policy.

In what types of research could I have the chance of participating?

Consumer research happens in many different forms and styles. At Reveal Research Studio we are focused on matching you for in-person research and even online focus groups. These interviews can take place in a focus group facility near your home, a store where you regularly shop, in your home, over the internet, or occasionally at a client’s office. In some instances you might be interviewed one on one and in other instances you might be interviewed as part of a small group of consumers.

How do I get selected for a project?

The most important factor is accurately completing the sign-up survey. The better we provide our clients with the exact matches they have requested, the more they will turn to us for future projects. Our clients needs can vary greatly. For example, for one project a client might want to talk to consumers who regularly use their product or service. For another project that same client might want to talk to consumers who almost never use their product or service. So, just fill out the survey accurately and we’ll do our best to match you with project opportunities!

How do I receive payment for participation?

Once you have been confirmed to participate in one of our client’s research studies, we will notify you how and when to expect payment. Typically, you will receive payment in the mail from Reveal Research Studio or the project sponsor or it will be handed to you directly at the end of your in-person interview. In the case of checks by mail, we send out payment immediately after we have received confirmation of your participation from the person conducting the interview.

Have more questions? Reach out to us.