Research & Insight

Reveal takes pride in being a small business. Small means we can be nimble, make speedy get thoughtful decisions, and be singularly focused on your project in field. We offer much more than just moderating. Manufacturing side insights experience means we bring together gold standard research, marketing fundamentals and strategy expertise to deliver quality project design, execution and analysis.

Areas of Expertise:

Consumer Target Immersion

Innovation Pipeline


Positioning (New Products & Existing Brands)

Consumer Evaluation of Concepts & Creative

Communication Evaluation

Tools & Techniques

Online Qualitative

Online qualitative continues to grow and there are a number of ways you can leverage these effective research tools to address business needs.

Online Bulletin Boards

  • This activity-based qual tool gets you to deeper consumer insight and environmental context. You have the flexibility to get individual unbiased feedback as well as group ideas.
  • A few usage examples:
      • Category whitespace exploration to help inspire new product innovation territories
      • New consumer target exploration to gain insight into needs, wants and emotional drivers.
      • Early stage concept evaluation to refine and narrow ideas.
      • Website optimization

Online Communities

  • Similar to online bulletin boards with more of a longer-term solution designed to build engagement.
  • Great approach when you want a continual consumer sounding board.

Webcam Interviews

Talk to consumers live. This can be executed as 1:1 discussions or group discussions.

In-home and On-the-Go Streaming

  • Chat live with consumers via their mobile device to see in-the-moment behavior.
  • Some usage examples:
      • See how consumers interact with products in their backyard. Identify challenges and wishes and enable project team to design meaningful innovation.
      • Watch meal prep in action to understand consumer habits and practices. Uncover issues with food packaging to optimize and improve consumer satisfaction.
  • Moderator can conduct sessions in person or remotely.
  • The project team views the stream remotely with access to handy online tools like requesting “backroom” questions, video mark-up and video archives.

Creative In-Person Methods

We moderate our fair share of focus groups, but sometimes research objectives call for getting outside of a conference room setting.


Walk along with your consumers as they shop at your stores or for your products. Gain greater insight into the consumer decision-making process and their path to purchase.

In-Home Interviews

Get out of your comfort zone and into your consumer’s home. Observe their immediate world and surroundings to better understand the context of how and why they use your products or services.

Gatherings with Friends

Bring together consumers and their friends to set a less formal tone and learn about group dynamics impact how these consumers interact with your products.

Event Intercepts

Quick and affordable connections and dialogue with your consumer target.

Participant Recruiting

Our Proprietary Database

Engaging and articulate consumers are the foundation for great research. That’s why we built our database of consumer participants from the ground up!

  • Fishing where the fish are–networking for:
      • Parents
      • Expecting and New Moms
      • Active Millenials
      • Health and Fitness Oriented
      • 55+
  • High show and participation rates:
      • Greater engagement on phone screening conversations builds rapport with respondents
      • Automated confirmation and reminder system
      • Targeted communication approach with confirmed participants based on age group

White Label Services

When you hire Reveal Research Studio to recruit participants for your qualitative research projects we can also provide a range of value added services. From project coordinating to assisting with moderating and report writing, we can free up your time so you can focus on your biggest priorities.

Project Logistics/Coordination

Designing & analyzing consumer homework

Assisting with moderating

Report writing

We can help you move your business forward.